College Athletes and Skills That Translate to the Sales Profession


Stephen Sangree is an accomplished athlete and coach who graduated from the College of New Jersey with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. A former MVP in basketball at Morristown Beard High School, Steve Sangree serves as a Regional Sales Manager for Priority 1 in Philadelphia.

Recently, Steve Sangree was featured in an article on the website of NovWorld, a management consulting and investment banking firm ( The article, titled “A Secret to Getting Great Sales People – Hire College Athletes,” explores skills that carry over from collegiate sports to the sales profession. For example, college athletes bring competitiveness and a desire to win to the sales world, which easily translates into fighting to secure a sale.

According to Stephen Sangree, in addition to competitiveness, college athletes give full effort and have the training and ability to function as part of a team. Due to the experience of attending classes and playing sports at the same time, they can also can juggle multiple responsibilities. Moreover, college athletes thrive under pressure and are persistent in the face of rejection and disappointment. Last, they have experience with many individuals from a variety of cultures and backgrounds, which enables them to work well with anyone.