How Less-Than-Load Shipping Saves Customers Money


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Less-Than-Load Shipping

A territory manager for Priority1, Stephen Sangree specializes in new business acquisition. In this position, Steve Sangree offers a variety of innovative shipping and storage options to executive-level decision-makers, including owners, CEOs, and presidents.

Less-than-load (LTL) shipping is one of the most cost-effective approaches available for shipping cargo. “Load” actually refers to truckload, belying the true meaning of the term: With LTL shipping, multiple freight companies share space on a single truck, and each company only pays for the portion of the truck it uses. This eliminates unnecessary fees for hiring an entire truck for small loads and saves people money.

LTL shipping is ideal for companies that need to transport relatively small loads, such as palletized freight that can be further divided into small portions. Just like with other shipping methods, LTL shipments typically come with trackability and extra service options, such as inside pickup and delivery. One final benefit of LTL shipping: it’s environmentally friendly, cutting down its carbon footprint by maximizing shipping efficiency.