Keeping Current on B-Ball News

  1. Slam magazine, which you can now get as an app.  I used to read this magazine in hard copy as a kid (lots of action shots), and you can still get that if you want, but now you can get the app or just check out the website. A one year subscription is $12 or you can get a free trial subscription on the app.   You can also sign up for the Slam newsletter on their website which is free.  Check out
  2. Another good weekly summary of what’s happening is available from Marc Stein, the former ESPN NBA analyst who is now the NBA writer for The New York Times.  He provides a lot of insight and you can sign up for his email at
  3. There are a lot of twitter accounts to follow .  I’m doing one which curates what’s going on from a number of sources at @SangreeHoops.  Check it out!