Want a Job in Basketball?

For those of you who want to get a part time job in basketball this season, I’ve got a few  tips:

  1. Check out http://www.workinsports.com.  They have a lot of listings and you can sort by type of job (Click here).
  2. Indeed.com allows you to put in a screen for basketball jobs – I have seen a number of coaching jobs at all levels, including high school and college.  They also have listings that might work for a weekend (helping to run a tournament or helping coach for a special event) (Click here).
  3. TeamWorkOnline has a lot of listings, although it tends to be more full time (Click here).
  4. Of course, another excellent way to find a job is to work your contacts from high school, AAU and college basketball teams and coaches.

Remember, getting a part time job in Bball can help you in whatever career you get into.  I’m in sales now, but learned a lot that’s helped me in my career  – working as a team player, striving for goals, working with different types of people – that came about through playing in college and working as a basketball coach at summer camps and a tournament operator in the spring.

Not to mention, its fun to work with a lot of fellow basketball players.   The cash is helpful if you are a student!  Looks good on a resume!  Think outside the box!