Three Benefits of Attending a Basketball Camp


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Excel Basketball Camp

Currently attending The College of New Jersey (TCNJ), Stephen Sangree is studying business and marketing. Stephen Sangree is an avid basketball player with substantial experience playing the game at the college level. Mr. Sangree has also coached developing basketball players, including attendees of the Excel Basketball Camp. Below are three key advantages of attending a basketball camp for those wishing to improve their playing skills.

1. Players learn from different coaches. Basketball camps provide an opportunity for players to receive intensive instruction from several coaches. Learning new techniques of varied coaching styles encourages players to become more versatile and flexible competitors.

2. Players are challenged at basketball camps. Players learn new skills and techniques they can improve upon each day at a camp and in the games they play afterward. Basketball camps present a fun but rigorous training environment that encourages athletes to excel.

3. Players expand their skill sets. Basketball camps teach things such as shooting, ball handling, and pre-season training routines. Athletes benefit by adding to their range of skills to draw upon in future competitive play.

4. Players make friends and contacts with ballers their own age. They will see these players at competitions as they develop.