Methods to Increase Your Vertical Jump Capacity

Vertical Jump  pic
Vertical Jump

A business and marketing student at The College of New Jersey, Stephen Sangree previously played basketball at Case Western Reserve University. In addition to playing the sport at the college level, Stephen Sangree served for three years as a basketball skills trainer at New Jersey’s Excel Basketball Camp.

Being a well-rounded basketball player demands the ability to jump high. While it’s possible to pass and shoot the ball at a high level without jumping high, the ability to do so can significantly improve your overall game by allowing you to dunk the ball and block shots from the opposition. One way to improve your jumping ability is through traditional weight training exercises, such as squats, lunges, toe raises, and leg presses. This method is primarily for beginners and is best utilized by performing heavy loads at a low number of repetitions.

Players who have more weight training experience could benefit from dynamic exercises like the jump squat, clean and jerk, and power cleans. However, perhaps the most effective method is combining a plyometric program with a traditional weight training program. Examples of plyometric exercises include lateral jumps to an elevated box, split squat jumps, and lateral hurdle jumps.